Total care

 Serene Longevity Resort in the heart of rural environment is the place for your most loved ones

Designed for the fully disabled with very little physical motor ability;  old-age debility and for those fully or partially paralyzed.

Club Serene is a community of fun loving citizen who are the guardians of the objectives of the Serene Longevity Resort.  And members can enjoy get aways in a calm rural setting and participate in various interesting objectives of happy living by sharing knowledge and experiences

affordable happy living for your loved ones

Fully Assisted |  Farm House Getaway

Call us: 973 908 7576 IST: 11am-9pm

Drive time from Kolkata : 2h 30 mins We arrange pick up and drop services from anywhere in West Bengal or across India…

Just two & half hours from the Airport, and so visiting your loved ones in our care will be a breeze. We arrange late night pickups too driven straight to our guestrooms at the Serene Resort.

When you visit your loved ones, you may plan to stay over to enjoy the ambient clean air environment and stay in our our homely guest rooms with modern amenities at very affordable rates. 

Holistic care from basic human need assistance through medication to companionship and group interaction to Recuperate Rejuvenate n Recoup..

For the physically impacted,  mentally exciting activities would make each day wonderful.  Miracles do work..

Enjoy the finest cuisine the Chef has to offer and special diets enlivened with personalized taste for each resident.  Fresh produce from the farm including medicinal herbs for healthy living. Just a routine of tulsi, haldi, bael, brahmi, pudina, green dhaniya sprigs as advised specifically for each. 

Since your loved ones will likely spend months or years in the Resort, we have designed numerous methods to make them enjoy their lives and by happy as the primary deliverable. Loved ones will be able to participate with live videos in large screens for an immersive participation..


An exclusive club of like minded citizen who wish to participate in interesting social projects such as investing in projects rural youth and women empowerment entrepreneurs, creating facilities for destitute senior citizen (Dignity Resort), online teaching from core knowledge & experience, etc.

Members can stay book and stay in the farm house in the Serene Longevity Resort, a welcome getaway from their daily living. The Serene Longevity Resort offers a home away from home with all facilities of fun living and assistance from a team of expert care givers in the midst of a herbal garden to partake elixirs as they are made fresh.

Join the club and enjoy the best of longevity practices. Club Members plan for group vacations, competitions, giving back to society, and a host of rejunevating activites that shall make your Golden Years extend for a very long long time...